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    Welcome to Crimson & Clover! We are a supernatural beings and humans with abilities site set in current time in Massachusetts. Please keep that in mind when you think about the weather in your posts!

    We don't have a word count, but we do appreciate it when people put forth the effort, and we don't want any one-liners. It doesn't give us much to work with.

    We require members to be 18 years of age or older, though characters can be younger, though no one below 14 is allowed due to jcink rules.

    Unlike some supernatural sites, we also allow humans without abilities too. For more on that, please read our member group info!

    We have officially revamped and reopened!
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Sorry guys, but hardly anyone is posting. I wanted this to work, but everyone is really busy right now, so I think it might be better to pick this up again in a few months when people are less busy. We can try again here, or somewhere new.
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